Clerk's Office Mission Statement

We, the staff of the Clerk's Office, are dedicated to providing access to an impartial forum for the resolution of disputes, through prompt service to the Court, members of the bar, and the public. Our services include processing civil and criminal cases, maintaining records, assembling juries, disseminating information on the activities of the Court, and providing other administrative and management support to the Court and its affiliates.

We take pride in working as a team, and pledge to:

  • Perform our duties with courtesy, respect, equality and fairness, in an accurate and knowledgeable fashion;
  • Maintain the highest standards of professionalism and ethics, in compliance with the governing rules and regulations;
  • Strive to improve the quality of our services, thereby promoting public trust and confidence in the judicial system; and
  • Encourage education and pursue training programs to adapt to the growing needs of the Court and the public, in response to technological advances and innovations in the law.