Judge Kenneth P. Neiman

Federal Judicial Service

Magistrate Judge, U.S. District Court, District of Massachusetts. Chief Magistrate Judge, 2006 - 2009. Retired January 5, 2015.

On recall status since January 6, 2015 (concentrating on mediation)

First appointed to the Court January 5, 1995.


Tufts University, B.A., 1967
Harvard Law School, J.D., 1971


Springfield Courthouse

United States Courthouse
300 State Street, Suite 120
Springfield, Massachusetts 01105


Hampden Courtroom

United States Courthouse - Springfield, MA
United States Courthouse - Springfield, MA

Courtroom Technology

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Chambers Procedures/Standing Orders/Sample Orders
USDC Judicial Forum Survey

Civil - Case Management

Q8: If so, when do you hold status conferences?

A8: Respondent skipped this question.

Civil - Discovery

Q16: Do you typically hold hearing on discovery motions?

A16: Respondent skipped this question.

Civil - Dispositive Motions

Civil - Patent Cases

Civil Mediation

Q33: If you have any particular practices or preferences in regard to submissions before a mediation, please describe them.

A33: I issue a mediation order which asks each side to submit a memorandum (to me alone) of no more than four pages which addresses certain questions: the main issues in the case, the strengths and weaknesses of the respective parties' positions, the history of settlement negotiations, and the settlement that the party is seeking and/or would be satisfied to enter. The memorandum is due approximately five days before the mediation.

Q35: If you have any particular practices or preferences in regard to conducting a mediation, please describe them here.

A35: I meet jointly with the parties/counsel and explore as much as can be done and placed on the table. I inquire as to each side's understanding of the last demand/offer which had been made. I indicate to the parties that I'm not interested in hearing their bottom/top lines. When appropriate, I then proceed to shuttle between the parties exchanging offers/demands and, invariably, additional thoughts.

Q36: Do you require the party/parties to be present or available during a mediation?

A36: Yes, a party with decision making authority must be present. This is certainly my preference, although on occasion I will allow someone to participate by telephone.

Criminal Matters

General Trial Practice - Pretrial Matters

Q40: Do you require the filing of a trial brief?

A40: Respondent skipped this question.

General Trial Practice - Scheduling Trials

Q54: What is your typical trial schedule?

A54: Respondent skipped this question.

General Trial Practice - Jury Selection

Q56: Please describe your jury selection process.

A56: Respondent skipped this question.

General Trial Practice - Trial Practices

Standing Orders & Miscellaneous Matters

Q71: Order #2

A71: Respondent skipped this question.

Q72: Order #3

A72: Respondent skipped this question.