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Electronic Filing (CM/ECF)

Email questions concerning electronic filing to

ECF Help Desk Telephone Number: 866-239-6233.




CM/ECF in the District of Massachusetts
Instructions, Manuals & Procedures
CM/ECF Frequently Asked Questions
CM/ECF Registration Form
Training Information
  • CM/ECF Training Information for Attorneys and Staff
  • Online Attorney Training Modules
  • Register For Training
  • Free PACER Training Site
    A free-of-charge website offers access to a training database through the PACER service. The site features data from real cases in the Western District of New York over a six-month period in 2007. The training site can be accessed under the Frequently Used section (PACER Training Site link) on the PACER website at: No registration is required and a login and password are posted on the training site’s Welcome Page.

    Users can search the database to find cases to explore. As searches are conducted, a transaction receipt display will explain what charge would have been accrued on the PACER service. Reviewing the receipts will help users understand their PACER charges and improve their searching techniques to minimize charges.

Information on E-Filing
Court Resources
Requirement Information
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