CJA eVoucher Training

For questions concerning CJA eVoucher, please contact the eVoucher Help Desk at ecjamahelpdesk@mad.uscourts.gov.

Single Login Profile

Creating a Single Login Profile (SLP)

Prior to version 6.4, if you had eVoucher accounts in multiple courts, you were required to log out and log in to each individual court account you wanted to work in. You had a separate user name and password assigned by each individual court. Starting with version 6.4, you may now create a Single Login Profile (SLP) with a single email address and password that can be linked to each eVoucher account you have. You can now switch from one eVoucher account to another from within the eVoucher application without the need to log out.

Learn how to create a Single Login Profile  

Signing in to eVoucher / Modifying Your SLP

Beginning with eVoucher release 6.4, attorney and expert users of eVoucher must sign in using the unique email address stored on their Single Login Profile (SLP). A Single Login Profile (SLP) is required before signing into eVoucher.

Follow along with this Electronic Learning Module (ELM) or view the PDFs below to learn how to sign into eVoucher with SLP, reset your forgotten password, change your username/password/email, or change your security questions.

Signing in with SLP

Learn about SLP sign in, password, and locked accounts  

Learn about modifying SLP and security questions  

Linking Accounts

If you have more than one eVoucher account because you perform CJA-related services in more than one court, or if you have separate attorney and expert user logins in the same court, you must link those accounts to your Single Login Profile (SLP) to access them.

Once the accounts are linked, you can switch between accounts from within eVoucher using the Accounts menu. You are no longer required to log in and out of each account or keep track of separate usernames and passwords for each account.

Follow along with this Electronic Learning Module (ELM) or view the PDF below.

Linking Accounts

Learn about linking eVoucher accounts  

Modifying Court Profile

Your Court Profile section, formerly your My Profile section, contains court-specific information for each eVoucher account you have. You can edit your court profile for each court account you have, in one or more courts. Any changes in your court profile do not affect your Single Login Profile (SLP).

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Creating a New CJA-20 Voucher

Follow along with this Electronic Learning Module (ELM) or view the PDF below to create a CJA 20 voucher in eVoucher.

Creating a New CJA-20

Learn how to create a new CJA-20 voucher  

Linking an Authorization to a CJA-21 Voucher

Follow the instructions in the PDF below to create a link an authorization to a CJA-21 voucher.

Learn how to link an authorization to a CJA-21 voucher  

CJA Expert Services and Authorizations

Follow along with this Electronic Learning Module (ELM) or view the PDFs below to leran about CJA expert services and authorizations.

CJA Expert Services

Learn how to request authorization for a service provider  

Learn how to create a CJA-24 authorization  

Learn how to create a budget authorization  

Associate Functionality for Attorneys

The Associates functionality in the eVoucher applications allows an appointed attorney using the services of an associate attorney to add claims for services and expenses to their own CJA 20/30. To do this, the appointed attorney must contact the court or federal defender’s office to ensure the associate attorney is set up in eVoucher, and to add the associate attorney to the appointment. Once completed, an attorney having an associate on their appointment can add associate services and expenses to a CJA 20/30 and submit together with their own services and expenses on the same voucher.

Follow along with this Electronic Learning Module (ELM) or view the PDF below.

Associatea Functionality for Attorneys

Learn about the features of the Associate functionality in CJA eVoucher  

Audit Assist

The Audit Assist function enables you to perform an immediate check on a document to determine if there are any warnings or errors that could impede processing of the voucher

Learn about the audit assist feature  

eVoucher Online Help Tool

The Help Documentation feature provides guidance on and explanations of the various features and concepts in CJA eVoucher, specifically for attorneys and expert service providers. The information in the help document is meant to supplement training materials created by individual courts.

Learn about the eVoucher online help documentation feature