MDL2375: In Re: Body Science LLC Patent Litigation


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MDL 2375: In Re: Body Science LLC Litigation

LEAD CASE NUMBER 1:12-md-2375

This action brought by Body Science against five manufacturers of various health monitoring equipment with a wireless function. The products at issue include cardiac defibrillators, heart monitors for humans, equine monitors, weight scales, blood pressure monitors, portable ultrasounds and echocardiographs and meters to monitor lung function. At issue in each action are two patents. Body Science asserts that the defendants' products infringe the patents by having at least one sensor for detecting an electrical, physical, chemical, or biological property of a patient, a digital-to-analog converter coupled to the sensor and a digital transmitter and receiver for wireless communication with an evaluation station. These cases have been assigned to Judge F. Dennis Saylor, IV.

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