This Pattern Criminal Jury Instructions for the Web, in HTML format, mirrors an executable Help File in WinHelp 4.0 format. That Help File (Pattern Criminal Jury Instructions.Hlp) and an associated Utility Helper File (Patttern2003.Dll) can be downloaded and installed for use on your Windows' based personal computer.

     The executable version (Pattern Criminal Jury Instructions.Hlp) provides a number of utilities not available in the HTML version, including the ability to automatically create an instruction template suitable for WordPerfect, copy an instruction (including all formatting to WordPerfect, copying a number of instructions (including formatting) to WordPerfect at a time, printing a number of instructions at a time, and a link to updates posted by Judge Hornby and his instructions' committee. For a further explanation of those utilities, click here.   The executable version also has a capability for a full text search for keywords of your choice.

     If you wish to download the Windows' version of the Help File, click this icon .  If the browser which you are using is Microsoft Internet Explorer, when a dialog appears asking you to Open or Save the file, click open and follow the installation instructions below. If you are using Netscape, first save the installation file to a directory on your hard drive. Then run that installation program and follow the instructions below.


     We have yet another version available - a version in Microsoft HTML Help format. That version (Pattern Jury Instructions for the Web.Chm) is a standalone version which can be installed on your desktop or in a directory of your choice.  Like the executable version referred to above, it has a capability for a full text search for keywords of your choice.  It does not, however, provide the other utilities (e.g., creating an instruction template for WordPerfect, copying [to WordPerfect] and/or printing one or more instruction at a time) provided by the executable version. To install this HTML Help version, click this icon    and, when the open/save dialog appears (for the Microsoft Internet Explorer) or the save dialog appears (for Netscape), save the file (Pattern Jury Instructions for the Web.Chm) to your desktop or to a directory of your choice.