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Boston Central Violations Bureau

All Central Violations Bureau Payments should be made directly to the Central Violations Bureau using one of the following options:

Mail check or money order:

Central Violations Bureau
P.O. Box 71363
Philadelphia, PA 19176-1363

Include location code and ticket number on all payments for proper credit.

On-Line Credit Card and Bank Account Payments:


Credit Card Payments Over the Phone:

CVB Contact Information:

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Time
Phone: 800-827-2982

Traffic Court - Central Violation Bureau (CVB) Notices
  • Violation notices/tickets are issued by federal police officers, park rangers, and other federal law enforcement agents for violations that occur on federal property. Find out where violation occurred and if not on federal property, refer caller to local police or state court.
  • CVB tickets may be paid by sending a check or money order to U.S. Courts (CVB) (SA), P.O. Box 71363, Philadelphia, PA 19176-1363.
  • If the ticket is not paid, CVB in San Antonio will send out a notice of a hearing before one of the magistrate judges (other than the emergency magistrate judge) on a monthly basis. If there is no hearing date set and it is a federal violation, they can contact CVB in San Antonio at 210-530-6271.

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