Nursing Room for Attorneys

The Court's Nursing Policy is for the benefit of attorneys, legal support staff, litigants, witnesses, law students, and others who are currently breastfeeding and have business at the court, but are not employees of the court. Jurors are not covered by this policy because they are considered court employees and will be provided the same reasonable accommodation as nursing court employees.

  1. Anyone who requires an accommodation to express breast milk while at the courthouse should contact the courtroom deputy and/or the following program coordinators forty-eight hours prior to their scheduled visit:

    Division Contact Phone Email
    Boston Tracy McLaughlin 617-748-9165
    Carolyn Meckbach 617-748-9072
    Springfield Bethaney Healy 413-785-6803
    Worcester Sandy Burgos 508-929-9902

    You may also email

  2. The following information should be provided: date(s) needed, and the estimated amount of time needed for a break.
  3. The coordinator will work to arrange for pumping equipment to be brought through security.
  4. The coordinator will provide access to a private space in the courthouse for this purpose.