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Resources for Journalists

Opinions Search

The Court makes recent opinions available at no charge through PACER.

The U.S. Government Printing Office's FDsys system provides free, full-text searching of many government publications, including United States district court opinions. Anyone can access FDsys at:

A Journalist's Guide to the Federal Courts

The Administrative Office has published "A Journalist's Guide to the Federal Courts," which is intended to assist representatives of the media assigned to court coverage.

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Attorney Handbook

The Clerk's Office has prepared an Attorney Handbook, intended to provide the public and the Bar of this Court with information needed to conduct business with the Court.

This reference guide will also be helpful to the media, answering questions on many topics.

Glossary of Terms

The Court's website has two glossaries: "Glossary of Legal Terms - Criminal" and "Glossary of Legal Terms - General."

Glossary of Legal Terms - Criminal

Glossary of Legal Terms - General

AO - U.S. Courts FAQ

The current FAQ page is a link to the Administrative Office website.

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