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Cameras In The Courtroom Pilot Project

General Order 11-04, dated September 6, 2011
Amending Local Rule 83.3 and New Rule 83.3.2 Re: Cameras in the Courtroom

Guidelines for Cameras in Courts Pilot

The District of Massachusetts is among fourteen district courts participating in the digital video pilot of the Federal Judiciary. This pilot project allows a limited exception to the ban on cameras in the courtroom and broadcasting of district court proceedings. The three year pilot will evaluate the effect of cameras in the courtroom for civil cases.

Proceedings are recorded with the consent of the parties and the approval of the presiding judge. The presiding judge may stop a recording as necessary, for example, to protect the rights of the parties and witnesses.

Recording of the prospective jury during voir dire is prohibited, as is that of impaneled jurors or alternate jurors.

Questions regarding this district's participation in the Pilot Program should be directed to the Clerk's Office, at 617-748-9152.


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