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Attorneys Subject To Discipline

Disciplinary actions for 2014:

Ernest A. Solomon
Order of Term Suspension 11/26/2014
Rosaleen J. Clayton
Order of Indefinite Suspension 11/26/2014
Irving Marmer
Docket No. 14-mc-01211
Immediate Admin Suspension 11/7/2014
David M. Fleury
Docket No. 14-mc-91397
Immediate Temp Suspension 11/7/2014
Denis T. Teague
Docket No. 14-mc-91300
Reciprocal Disciplinary Sanction; Affidavit Resignation 11/7/2014
Kenrick A. Small
Docket No. 14-mc-91301
Term Suspension 11/7/2014
Timothy P. Rempe
Docket No. 14-mc-91302
Term Suspension 11/7/2014
Richard T. Connors
Docket No. 14-mc-91024
Term Suspension - 9 Mo. Retroactive to 12/18/13 10/17/2014
William J. O'Neil
Docket No. 14-mc-91261
Term Suspension - 6 mo 10/17/2014
Uwe Benjamin
Docket No. 14-mc-91263
Immediate Temp Suspension 10/17/2014
Michael T. Hazard
Docket No. 14-mc-91264
Immediate Temp Suspension 10/17/2014

Daniel James Najarian Docket No. 14-mc-91265

Term Suspension/Stayed
1 ys w/Conditions
Paul J. Bennett
Docket No. 14-mc-91247
Term Suspession - 2 yrs. 10/8/2014
Raymond J. Wauford, Jr.
Docket No. 14-mc-91249
Judgmentof Disbarment 10/8/2014
Christine M. Cedrone
Docket No. 14-mc-91251
Term Suspension - 1Yr/1Day 10/8/2014
Shelly Lillian Taylor
Docket No. 14-mc-91250
Disability Inactive Status 9/26/2014
Barry E. O'Neill
Docket No. 14-mc-91248
Term Suspension - 3 mo. 9/26/2014
Rebecca Ann Lawlor
Docket No. 14-mc-91214
Term Suspension - 18 mo. 9/26/2014
Michael R. Lustig
Docket No. 14-mc-91195
Immediate Temp Suspension 9/10/2014
Jose L. Serpa
Docket No. 14-mc-91213
Term Suspension 9/8/2014
Benjamin Wyzansky
Docket No. 09-mc-10039
Judgment of Disbarment 9/2/2014
Stanley E. Greenidge
docket No. 14-mc-91193
Term Suspension/Stayed 9/2/2014
Paul Alan Manoff
Docket No. 10-mc-10213
Immediate Admin Suspension 9/2/2014

Daniel K. Webster
Docket No. 13-mc-91077

Reinstatement 7/28/2014
Peter J. Unitt
Docket No. 09-mc-10176
Disbarment 6/11/2014
Stephen B. Follansbee
Docket No. 07-mc-10013
Term Suspension 6/11/2014
Reinaldo Gonzalez
Docket No. 13-mc-91260
Disbarment 6/11/2014
Karen J. Andrade
Docket No. 14-mc-91076
Suspension 6/11/2014
Michael D. Weisman
Docket No. 14-mc-91093
Term Suspension 6/11/2014
Wendy Jane Rickles
Docket No. 14-mc-91117
Disbarment 6/11/2014
Louis P. Font
Docket No. 14-mc-91118
Term Suspension/Stayed 6/11/2014
Robert Venturo
Docket No. 14-mc-91119
Term Suspension 6/11/2014
Bernard A. Kansky
Docket No. 13-mc-92144
Term Suspension
1/17/2014 to 5/28/2014
George M. Nassar
Docket No. 13-mc-91120
Disability Inactive Status 6/6/2014
Glenn H. Haese
Docket No. 13-mc-91219
Disbarment 4/30/2014
Louis G. Betucci, III
Docket No. 14-mc-91043
Immediate Temp Suspension 4/1/2014
Martin J. Gately
Docket No. 07-mc-10320
Disbarment 3/4/2014
Michael Burnbaum
Docket No. 13-mc-91005
Disbarment 3/4/2014
Frank R. Saia
Docket No. 13-mc-91292
Disbarment 3/4/2014
Richard T. Connors
Docket No. 14-mc-91024
Immediate Temp Suspension 3/4/2014

Paul J. Pezza
Docket No. 14-mc-91025

Term Suspension

Michael A. Murphy
Docket No. 12-mc-91327
Reinstatement 2/14/2014

Craig J. Camerlin
Docket No. 09-mc-10367

Disbarment 1/29/2014

James S. Dilday
Docket No. 12-mc-91147



James E. Small, Jr.
Docket No. 13-mc-91205
Reinstatement 1/29/2014
Frank F. Russell
Docket No. 13-mc-91015
Disbarment 1/29/2014
Richard J. Bennett
Docket No. 13-mc-91256
Disability Inactive Status 1/29/2014

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